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5 Things You Should Know Before Hiring Interior Designer

The first time you start to live in a new still empty living place, you might be thinking about to do some renovation and put on interior design to really make the place your very own. Then you try to find a professional interior designer, the best in terms of service, design, quality of material, work ethics and price. But how do you know that the person is the right one to hire. Here’s our list of 5 most crucial information you should know about before you hire a professional interior designer :

1. Portfolio

There are two kinds of portfolio, Drawings and Project Site. Drawings is a visual illustration in 2D or 3D of the interior design. While Project Site is an actual, physical form of a finished interior design project. Ideally, the Project Site looks created accordingly to the Drawing.

If you check out the Project Site portfolio is indeed more surreal overview, and you can actually touch for texture and patterns of the material. It can gives you a better overview of the interior design. That’s why, if it’s possible you should ask the designer to get you to see the Project Site.

2. Quality of Material

When you’re on site, try to examine thoroughly all the material in there. Ask a lot of questions about it to get more knowledge to compare with other interior designer. You should check what kind of material used for what, and see if it’s can be adjusted to your own interior design concept, discuss it well with the interior designer.

3. Pricing Plan

These are some aspects that determine the price of an interior design project; design complexity, area of the space, custom furniture, the quality of material and how long will it takes to finish the project. Try not to look for the cheapest, instead look for the worthy one. Understand if the price is sensible, considering the quality of design, material and service offered.

4. Project Time Line

We may want to have the interior design project done as soon as possible. But the time needed to finish a particular project is vary depends on many factors. As well as from the client side, time is relative and every client have to adjust their daily schedule while there is a on going interior design project of their home that need their attention every now and then. So, try to negotiate, look if the time line offered suits your schedule.

5. Contract & Guarantee

After getting most of the information above and consulted about the design, make sure that every detail is written in a contract accordingly. Discuss it with the designer if there’s anything you might still want to change before the construction begin. Don’t forget to ask for guarantee period, which is a span of time to file any complain after the project is done.

Beside all the things mentioned on the list above, know that interior design is actually selling service. Although every interior design company offers different services, but it’s mostly similar. It’s all up to you as long as the service should be meet your satisfaction

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