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Budgeting Strategy in Hiring Interior Design Service

Diperbarui: 8 Mei 2021

Owning a new space is indeed one of the most exciting experiences. You are more than ready to express yourself in every single corner of your home, turn the blank white space into cozy, comfy, aesthetic spot. But those renovation and decorating will always need time, effort and of course, budget. Yet, here you are, can’t wait to live in the your dream home. In times like this, usually our team, Deluxe Interiors design team, will suggest our client to do the interior design step by step, room per room, one spot at a time.

Here’s the reason;

Deluxe Interiors has been in the interior design and custom furniture business for over 20 years. Based on our experiences and analysis, we found that every type of living space few crucial spots. Which if we do the interior design on that specific spot, it will changes most of the perspective and aesthetic aspects of the space itself, even though it is not a total change since the rest of the house is not interior design renovated yet.

The other thing is, by doing the interior design spot by spot, your budget can be split. Normally, when you’re planning to do interior design of a whole place, you’ve estimated relatively quite a lot of budget to prepare. But, what if that expense can be divided and paid in ‘installments’. You just need to pay as per spot that will be undergone interior design, then you’ll pay another more to do the next spot, and so on. Thus, the main idea is to spend as per the projects proceeding.

This budgeting strategy, will only works when you are doing it in the right step. You should know which spot should be the interior design priority, so it will make such significant changes even before the project is completed. And here are the first spots you should do the interior design on :

1. Kitchen and Dining Room

Most apartment or simple minimalist modern house, the kitchen is most likely to be placed next to the entrance or in the end corner of the room, without any divider or just being divided by a simple partition-like design. This makes kitchen very visible through out the room.

Interior design on kitchen mainly includes, kitchen set, stove, cooker-hood, sink, and custom top table. If it’s in one place with the dining room, we usually includes some custom furniture, such as dining table or mini bar with seats and some lighting decorations. Even if the kitchen is in a separate room, you will still needs all of those stuffs mentioned above. Besides, having a nice neat kitchen makes cooking really fun, you will feel like a chef.

2. Living Room

In every type of living space, a living room is the center of it, and it’s literally placed in the center, so it became a sort of main attraction. The interior design concept of living room is the lead design for other rooms. Say, if the concept of interior design of the living room is classic with wooden accent, so the interior design and custom furniture in other rooms should have a similar theme. Thus, it is important to consult first your interior design concept with professional interior designer to finalized the concept and technicality before the construction begins.

3. Floor

You may noticed that the choice of flooring is significantly affecting the theme and ambiance of the living space. We use wooden floor to create relaxing and comforting vibe, marble to make it looks more fancy, while carpet is warmth and feels very homey. Changing your flooring really can create such a big difference.

Pick any room, imagine that the room have your desired interior design and fully furnished. Now try to imagine the floor is changing, from blank to marble, then wooden, then carpet and so on, only the flooring, the rest remains the same. Just compare it one by one and you should see the difference it makes.

4. Wallpaper

Similar to flooring, wallpaper is also a crucial part in creating a change of vibe. Without realizing it, we will always look at the walls, it changes the room perspective indirectly.

Why using wallpaper while we can just paint it with colors?

There are some other wall materials often use in interior design, such as HPL, ceramic or just paint, which all as good as another, just different kind of style. But wallpaper is more practical and efficient when it comes to installment and repairing, since it will be more convenient for home owners.

It also can be used to cover crack, mold, stain or discolored on the walls. When one part is torn or dirty, it just that part to replace. It relatively easier to replace, it has no smell and won’t take time as long as repainting. Compare to HPL or ceramic, wallpaper is cheaper, and if you prefer texture on the surface, it has it all.

5. Bedroom

Unlike kitchen or living room, bedroom is your very own spot, it is private yet it’s the most important comfortable spot in your entire home. Relaxing in the five stars hotel like bedroom is indeed everyone’s dream.

In dividing your interior design budget, make sure that you set a good amount of budget for the interior design of your bedroom. See it as a lifetime investment of happiness and relaxation. Fill it with all custom furniture you need, huge bed, walk-in-closet, HD TV and of course, the best AC.

We always suggest our client to do this budgeting strategy to give them financial efficiency. Besides, doing interior design step by step will give you a chance to evaluate the design based on the current finished project, so there will be enough room and time to some adjustments.

For more information and schedule an interior design consultation appointment, please visit our website at .

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