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Deluxe Interiors – Alam Sutera : Interior Design, Custom Furniture & Property Management

This article briefly explains the service we provide in Deluxe Interiors. Deluxe Interiors is a professional interior design company that offer services of consulting, design and interior renovation of property, such as apartment, house, restaurant, office, hotel and booth. We produce our own custom furniture, which crafted in our own workshop by our experienced in-house craftsmen using only the best quality material. In addition, we also provide property management service. For more comprehensive information of every service, let us go through the following paragraphs :

Interior Design

We provide a complete interior design service form the beginning of consultation session until the interior design project is finished. After you consulted the concept of the interior design with our design team, we will make it into a visual illustration in 2D and 3D, to give you a better image of how the design will be once it’s realized. Based on the illustration, you will chose and matched the color and material you wanted for every piece, we have a gallery with a lot of material catalogs that you can choose from. Meanwhile, our site team will do the lay-outing of the space and the result will be drawn into a blueprint.

When all the design part has been finalized and agreed upon both parties under a contract and budgeting draft, we will began to craft the custom furniture in our workshop by our craftsmen. The design team and the site team will start the renovation on site. Then, the custom furniture and other appliances will be installed.

The moment the project is well done, we will gives you a guarantee in a form of a period of time, which in that period you can file any complaint if there’s something that haven’t been done as we agreed, based on the contract of the project.

Custom Furniture

In the consultation session with the design team, you can request any custom furniture you desire, what kind of models do you want. You got to choose the color, pattern and material from our gallery of material, we have a lot of collections of various material.

All of the production is done in our won workshop by our experienced in-house craftsmen, using only high-quality material to produce the best quality product with high durability.

Property Management

After the interior design project has been finished, we offer you an after sales service of property management. We will help you to sell and find prospective buyers or tenants, but unlike property agencies, we only market property that has been gone through our interior design renovation project. We would like to help our clients that intend to use our service for property investment or property make-over business to get buyers and tenants more easily.

Beside marketing, we also provide moving service, electrical panel and electronic installation, periodically checking the condition of client’s unit in-rent and help you out if there’s any complaint about our interior design work from buyer or tenant.

Deluxe Interiors is founded upon the passion of creating art, and inspired to create comfortable, aesthetic space . Thus, your satisfaction of our work is our greatest motivation to grow and always gives the best.

For more information and to schedule an appointment, please visit our website at .

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