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Difference Between Interior Designer & Architect

Simple to say that these two professions has their own specialty. Architect is responsible to plan a building structure while Interior Designer is responsible to design the interior part of the building. Both Interior Designer and Architect have basic knowledge of each others job. An Interior Designer know a thing or two about Architecture basics, same as an Architect knows a thing or two about Interior Design basics.

Important to remember that both professions require professionalism and a lot of experience. The more portfolio and project they had, the better the are in doing their job. Indeed technically the project they are working on is very different, that’s why its’s better to not hire them to do each other’s work. Let’s get into some details about how Architect and

Interior Designer are specialized differently :


The main job of an Architect is to design structure plan of a building, including the exterior part. After consulted with the client, the Architect will render the agreed concept into a visual illustration in the form of digital 2D and 3D drawings. Architect is responsible for every mathematical calculation and measurement of the building structure and space. It is not compulsory for an Architect to be in charge of the construction that based on his or her design, it’s possible for Architect to do the design and let a contractor to the construction.

In planning the structure of a building, it’s important for Architect to prioritized the calculation and functionality of the building. Calculation will be done mathematically as detail as possible to prevent any technical issue that may happened in the construction. In doing construction, Architect may cooperate with some experienced sub-contractors which each of them specialized in certain aspect.

Interior Designer

When it comes to the interior part of a building, Interior Designer is taking a full responsibility on the design and renovation, it may includes the installation of electrical panel, piping, lighting and ventilation. After consulted with the client, the Interior Designer will render the agreed concept into a visual illustration in the form of digital 2D and 3D drawings, which will be adjusted according to the structure of the building. Everything involves in the renovation is fully under Interior Designer responsibility, including furniture and fixture. It is mandatory for an Interior Designer to keep their hands on the project site and actively supervising and coordinating with workers to make sure that the project is up to the design.

The main mission of Interior Design is to realize a design into a comfortable and aesthetically fine interior part of the building, which the standard is according to the client’s preference, and of course with suggestions from the Interior Designer. After both client and Interior Designer agreed upon a certain design, both will decide the color, material and placing layout. All of the material used for the renovation will be provided by the Interior Design company. The budget plan given to client includes, design fee, material, worker wage and all of the expenses relating to the renovation.

Indeed, each profession has different role. However, Interior Designer and Architect often work together on a project to achieved the perfection. Direct communication of both sides helps each other to get better idea about the project and effective in preventing any miscommunication.

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