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How does Interior Design Works, Work Flow of Deluxe Interiors

Doing some concept-ing of the interior design of your own place is always been very fun. There are a lot of ideas and inspiration in mind, and sometimes make you wonder, what’s suit best for us. But finally you came up with your best concept, and now you start to think to consult it with a professional. If you are wondering what kind of process you will undergo before you get to live in your dream home, here’s our complete work flow in Deluxe Interiors:

1. Finalizing Your Interior Design & Custom Furniture Concept

Now you bring up some of your best ideas to the table, then start the consulting session with our in-house design team in Deluxe Interiors, and try to set the best concept for your interior design and custom furniture. At this step, do not hesitate to tell us every ideas you have in mind, and left no details unspoken, you and our team will work together to create the best interior design that suits you the most .

2. Visual Illustration

After the one concept has been agreed among you and our design team, we will bring you the visual illustration of the concept in 2D and 3D drawings, so you get to have more distinct overview about how the design going to look like once its done. If there’s anything you like to add, remove or change, at this very step, feel free to discuss it with the design team, and they will help you to revise the concept until it meets your satisfaction.

3. Selecting Colors & Material

Based on the fixed illustration of the interior design, you will choose and match the colors, patterns and materials to every aspect of the design and furniture. Every material and brand have their own price and way of installation, so your choice will determine the pricing and the time needed to finish the project.

4. Site Lay-Outing

We are half of the way now. Thus the design is final, it’s time for our site team to do some measuring and lay-outing of your living space, to determine the exact dimension, installation spot for electrical and lighting. The result of the lay-outing process will be sketched in a blueprint.

5. Crafting Custom Furniture

All of the custom furniture will be crafted in our own workshop by our team of professional experienced craftsmen to ensure and maintain the quality standard and make sure it will be ready on time. We craft our custom furniture using only the best quality material to get a neat and durable product.

6. Interior Design Construction

The space will be reconstruct, and components, such as wallpaper, flooring and other, will be installed, along with all the custom furniture. At this point, our design team will coordinate with our site team to finish the construction. You’ll also get constant update about the progress of the project.

7. Finishing

When all of the interior design project has finished, our mechanical and engineering team will start to install the electric panels, lighting and ventilation. Then the electronics can be installed. Lastly, every corner of the room will be cleaned and be made up, the custom furniture will be re-polished.

Although it looks like a long process, once you get to involved in the process with our teams, it might become an interesting and fun experience. Same thing goes for us, it is always a great pleasure and experience to work with clients, realizing their dream home. Your ideas and creativity will always inspire our work. Your satisfaction over our work is the biggest motivation for us to always develop and be better.

For more information and schedule an interior design consultation appointment, please visit our website at .

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