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Interior Design Style : Farm House

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Design Theme

As you’ve had guessed, Farm House Design is inspired by classic country side house. It focused on the simple and natural aspect. However, for universal purpose, many aspects in Farm House Design has been developed and modernized. Therefore, in this article we will discuss about modern Farm House Design.

Since Farm House Design has quite a lot of details, make its look more traditional. But if you like it to be more modern or minimalistic, feel free to use less details and choose brighter color.


The use of wood in Farm House Design is a must. But to create such country-side atmosphere, you should choose certain type of wood. For starter, you should choose solid wood since it has deeper color with strong texture and vines.

Use bigger furniture with darker color, since the background and floor usually are using light color, so it’ll create some contrast that helps the furniture to stand out. Thus, you won’t need to many furniture so there will be more free space available in the room.


Furniture in Farm House Design already give it an accent. But to add some more detail, you can add some ornament and functional decorative items, like lamp or vase with classic design and details. Metal is a good material for these decorations.

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