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Interior Design Style : Feng Shui

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Design Theme

In most Asian countries, Feng Shui is quite well known. Feng Shui Design is based on Chinese philosophy about balancing the natural elements. In this case, the elements are the factors that makes a living space ideal to live, such as air circulation, sunlight and the use of natural materials.

More than just a design style, Chinese people believe that when Feng Shui is applied to a living space, it will affect the people who live within, they will have happier and prosperous life.


Furniture and decoration should be made of natural elements and one shouldn’t be dominating upon another, everything should be balanced out.

The elements on Chinese culture are : wood, earth, metal, water and fire.

Combining wood material with some stone is quite common in Feng Shui Design. For example is like table with wooden body and marble top. While most oranaments are made of metal, including glass and mirror. Speaking of glass, you should have some windows so sunlight can easily enter the room as the form of fire element.


If you have some free space, you can get an aquarium as representation of water element and some decorative plants to represent earth element. Even better if you have a backyard, you can have fish pond or swimming pool.

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