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Interior Design Style : French Country

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Design Theme

Nowadays, if we talked about European interior design, most of us will imagine Scandinavian Design. But actually, all of us are quite familiar with classic European design, luxurious and majestic. Like its name, French Country Design is highly inspired by classic European house in renaissance period. Although in Indonesia, French Country Design isn’t trending anymore, it still have quite a lot of fan.

As time goes by, French Country Design has been developed and modernized. Metalic and shiny materials used to dominate the interior design. But now those colors has limited as details. Progressive French Country Design put more focus on glamour rather than majestic. In this case, the design is tend to be elegant and calm. It’s like a fancy restaurant design. The place where you can relax while enjoying your dinner while pleasing your eyes by looking into the art of interior design, it doesn’t feels to formal nor tense.


We need to create a calming atmosphere, so some shades are necessary. In that case, larger size furniture is perfect for French Country Design. It shadow cause some shades and it will have vintage vibe to it. The best material for this design is wood and stone, with some rustic or classic design so it look like antiques, and use some metalic color for some luxury looks.

Ceramic and wooden flooring works best with French Country Design. Both materials have natural touch. The most suitable ceramic is the doff textured one, it has that rustic looks on it. While you can use almost any kind of wooden floor as long as it makes the room feels more homey.

Room arrangement is the tricky part in applying French Country Design. Since the most of the furniture are huge, and there are numerous number of decorations, there might be not enough free space in the room. Thus, if the room is small, the use of mirror is necessary. The reflection will makes the room looks bigger.


Its important to keep calming vibe while maintaining the luxurious vibe. Using darker colors will do the trick. If you are rather concern if darker color will have gloomy vibe, try using pastel colors, like blue, light brown, light gray, beige or white.

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