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Interior Design Style : Mediterranean

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This article is a part of a series called Deluxe Interiors : 20 Trending Interior Design Styles in 2021, which is a specific category on Deluxe Interiors blog, reviewing various popular design styles in Indonesia. For more articles about interior design styles and other interior design related articles, please visit us at .

Design Theme

Mediterranean Design can be divided into three; Greek Design, Italian Design and Spanish Design. Basically, Mediterranean Design is focusing on creating contemporary European design with combination of various natural elements to create a relaxing and comfortable vibe while still maintaining its luxurious and elegant theme.

Greek Design has a particular details in walls and floor. Usually, the wall is colored plain white and roughly textured just like traditional Greek house. The floor is made of light colored ceramic or solid wood with some textured surface.

Italian Design emphasize on earthy element, such as stones and dark color solid wood. Bare red bricks and rough textured ceramic is often use in Italian Design. The dominating colors are brown, red, yellow and other earthy colors that creates calm and traditional looks.

Spanish Design often use more accent and details to create some excitement. This is quite necessary in Spanish Design, since it has some contrast in color palette, which sometime can be monotone.


Greek Design use a lot of metal in furniture design with some carvings. But it also possible to use some more modern design to make the design more simplistic. Some greek accent can be added as details.

Italian Design is tend to use larger size furniture made of solid wood with stronger vines. The color choice can be both dark and light color, depends on the theme color. If the background color is dominated by darker color, then use light colored wood for the furniture. Same goes for the light colored background.

Spanish Design combined stone and metal to create an elaborate furniture design.


Arches on aisle is one of Mediterranean Design characteristic. It creates some shades, since sunlight is important in Mediterranean Design. Minimized the use of mirror to maintain the traditional vibe and makes it look concentrated in the center.

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