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Interior Design Style : Minimalist

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This article is a part of a series called Deluxe Interiors : 20 Trending Interior Design Styles in 2021, which is a specific category on Deluxe Interiors blog, reviewing various popular design styles in Indonesia. For more articles about interior design styles and other interior design related articles, please visit us at .

Design Theme

‘Less is More’ is the key word in Minimalist Design. Is a design concept that emphesize on clean, organized and modern. Minimalist Design truly minimalized the use of accents and elements that less significance, and tend to focus on the functionality of the room itself. In creating Minimalist Design for a room, some profound aspects such as color, material and furniture design must be well adjusted and applied accordingly to get the best aesthetic eventhough the design in ‘minimal’.

Its iportant to make sure that in applying Minimalist Design into a room, it will create more free space. In smaller living space, Minimalist Design is able to create a spacious visual image. However, to balanced the design concept that tend to be monochromatic, a touch of outdoor natural element such as visual access to backyard or balcony is necessary.


In chosing furniture, it is important to choose your furniture based on the functionality. Rather than choosing trending model, classic furniture might be a better option. But, it doesn’t mean to choose less exciting one. Extendable custom furniture is one of the best option, especially for those who live in smaller living space. For example like, folding bed, hydraulic table, sliding wardrobe, extendable minibar, folding sofabed and many more. It serve the same purpose and gives you more free space.

As mentioned, furniture design will affect the interior design in terms of functionality and aestetichs. One great example is bed. In general, the lower body of a bed is rather hollow or solid. But, in Minimalist Design we can use that space for storage by creating some drawers in the cody of the bed, below the matress. Another example is, the space below a window. Rather than empty, we can make it into seats and have some drawers on the body, so it serves two purpose, as a seat and as a storage, and it is a comfortable space to chill and look outside the window.


Type of materials used for every aspect of Minimalist Design can be aesthetically impactful. In this case, using textured material might be the right choice. Let’s say we have a plain white wall. Instead paint it in color, using textured wallpaper will gives it a better details.

The same goes for flooring. Wooden floor such as parquet or solid wood is perfectly suitable fot Minimalist Design, epecially those with stronger and more visible vines.

Deluxe Interiors is founded upon the passion to create an art piece and inspired to create comfort in living space. Your satisfaction over our service and products, motivates us to keep growing and always giving our best.

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