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Interior Design Style : Southwestern

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This article is a part of a series called Deluxe Interiors : 20 Trending Interior Design Styles in 2021, which is a specific category on Deluxe Interiors blog, reviewing various popular design styles in Indonesia. For more articles about interior design styles and other interior design related articles, please visit us at .

Design Theme

The main characteristic of Southwestern Design is the use of strong texture and accent. Earthy and solid elements are dominating Southwestern Design. The color use also earthy colors, like brown, beige, orange, white, red and gold.

Southwestern Design is very suitable for you who likes ethnic and cultural element. Eventhough most Southwestern Design emphasize Latin America and Spanish culture, but it’s also possible for other cultural art to be applied into Southwestern Design.


Most furniture surface is covered by leather and fabric. These coverings have some art, drawings and texture on it, as well as some bright colors. While for most of the body is using either wood or metal, or even the combination of both.


Now for the ethnic touch. Some decorations with cultural value is necessary. Get some items like vase, statue and other ethnic art piece. These items will strengthen the Southwestern Design concept.

Deluxe Interiors is founded upon the passion to create an art piece and inspired to create comfort in living space. Your satisfaction over our service and products, motivates us to keep growing and always giving our best.

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