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Interior Design Style : Traditional

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This article is a part of a series called Deluxe Interiors : 20 Trending Interior Design Styles in 2021, which is a specific category on Deluxe Interiors blog, reviewing various popular design styles in Indonesia. For more articles about interior design styles and other interior design related articles, please visit us at .

Design Theme

Many of you must be familiar with Traditional Design. Eventhough in Indonesia, Modern Design is trending, there are still a lot of people prefer Traditional Design.

Traditional Design is the total opposite of Modern Design or Minimalist Design. If Modern

Design is focusing on simplicity, Traditional Design is focusing on details, accent and pattern. Unlike Modern Design that minimizing the use of decoratives and ornament, Traditional Design aloows you to express yourself and put as many decoratives as you want. In fact, these decoratives should be the aesthetic value of the design.


Since Traditional Design is about expressing yourself. Its important to fully undestand about what kind of design you really want to apply to the place.

We start with the time setting. Let’s say you want it to be vintage. Then you need to choose some antiques as decoration, something cultural and historical with some complexity, such as solid wood table, patterned vase, chandelier. And marble flooring and top table for some old time luxurious vibe.


Lighting in Traditional Design is quite different comapared to the other design styles. We want a combination between natural and artificial lighting. Larger size window is best for allowing natural light to come in and fill the room, while artificial light with warm white or yellow color is added for accent.

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