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Interior Design Style : Asian Zen

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This article is a part of a series called Deluxe Interiors : 20 Trending Interior Design Styles in 2021, which is a specific category on Deluxe Interiors blog, reviewing various popular design styles in Indonesia. For more articles about interior design styles and other interior design related articles, please visit us at .

Design Theme

If you really like to spend your time just chilling and relaxing at home, thus Asian Zen Design is a perfect choice for you. Besides focusing on creating natural vibe, Asian Zen Design can also have some ethnic and cultural touch. For instance, the concept of Asian Zen Design has a similar concept as Japanese Hot Spring Bathhouse (Onsen), Chinese Traditional Tea House or a Relaxation Center in Bali.

Air circulation and direct access to outdoor is the one of crucial aspect in Asian Zen Design. In a smaller size living space with no outdoor area, natural elements such as decorations and plants, can be added to the room. Use more natural materials with brighter color. Moreover, lighting is also considered as natural touch. Let more sunlight enter and fill the room. Use large size transparent glass and see-trough curtain.


Now we know air circulation is crucial, Asian Zen Design need more free space, so it’s better to have less furniture. Choose your furniture based on functionality. Use natural material. Consider to use more wood material to have more surreal Asian vibe.

Make sure it looks clean and spacey. Therefore, all household stuffs must be stored accordingly. Have your furniture customized so it have more effective storing capacity.

Its common for Asian Zen Design to use wood flooring. Most of the time, Asian Zen Design have light colored wood flooring with strong vines to add more depth and complexity into the minimalist interior design.


Although Asian Zen Design is dominated by light colors, darker colors also play some important parts in creating more details. A touch of darker color can be combined with lighter colors to create some contrast. Meaning, that visually, darker color is a comparison to the light colored background, so that it adds more layer to the background.

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